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Divine Love…….!!!!!

February 10, 2019

Let’s celebrate the day of love (Valentines’ day) OR week of love (Valentines’ week) but with self-restraint and for true development. If young boys and girls meet, it will only lead them to ruin. The celebration of Valentines’ day /week, which promotes nothing but passion, lust and promiscuity. In the future, they will breed irritability, emptiness, depression, frustration, premature old age and death. The celebration of valentines’ day/week is on ruinous path. People there are falling prey to sexually transmitted diseases and depression celebrating the likes of Valentines’ day/week.

Why should you imitate them?
Valentines’ Day that encourage people to live an immoral life are the prime factor behind widespread rejection of traditional sexual codes in many countries. This has caused the degradation of such nations. Even after spending crores of dollars on ‘abstinence only’ campaigns in schools, government of these nations have failed to solve the consequent problems. Now this evil custom is spreading all over the world. Therefore, now its our responsibility to preserve our moral values.

When I read the Innocenti Report Card my heart grieves.

According to Innosity Report Card

  • 12 lakh 50 thousand adolescents of 13 to 19 years each year in 28 developed countries become pregnant.
  • 5 lakh of them get abortions.
  • 7 lakh 50 thousand virgin mothers become every year.
  • 4.84 million Orphan children are born in the United States.
  • 30 million teenage juveniles are victims of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 50% of those who have unprotected sex are likely to have gonorrhoea.
  • 33% have genital herpes.
  • One percent of AIDS.
  • 25% of new AIDS patients are under 22 years of age.
  • Today 33% of schools in America are taught ‘only restraint’ under sex education.
  • About 25% of those related to adolescents are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • For this, the US spent more than 40 million dollars (20 billion rupees).
To read Innocenti Report Card Click here

Love is innocent, love unites us with God, love unites with Allah. Love is the name of supreme power. The true feeling of love will do well not only India but the entire humanity. My heart grieves overseeing the conditions of such young boys & girls ruining their life during student life forming premarital relationship. I get moved emotionally when I see the human society heading towards decline. My heart is deeply anguished for the reason that people say “It is the progress”. I find it to be the age of ruination for the youth. Such a destructive age is unprecedented in the human history. I don’t want to oppose any body but I feel grieved overseeing the destruction of humanity.

I personally support the few state governments those who start the Regard Mother as a god, Regard Father as a god. I think all people should respect their parents.

Why should not we develop real love? I think every people/young boys/young girls should greet, respect and worship their true love that is parents on this day. And parents should love their children. This love is called real love or true love or divine love. Passion and lust give a bad name to love. This is a big difference between love and lust. Lust gives rise to sexual excitement and thoughtless gratification of desires. And love always gives eternal joy. It helps one behold oneself in all creatures.

I don’t want that the young boys & girls should be elevated. May the whole of humanity be saved from the attack of sexualisation and go forward on the path of self-restraint and virtue to live a healthy, happy and honourable life.
In our Indian culture we told that May all be happy. I don’t want to refute anybody but I do want that if one of our brethren has gone astray and is giving a flower to a neighbouring girl, thereby losing his right of calling her sister and the sister by accepting the flower from him is becoming an object of lust.

Spread your fragrance like a rose, may the whole world know you.

We never give a single rose to our parents but we give a bunch of roses to our girlfriend or boyfriend.

Is it right??

Lead a healthy, happy and honourable life, a life of self-control and virtues. Do not get overwhelmed by the attack of passions and carnal desires.
Parents have spent longer time in this world, so they are more experienced than us. We easily get the benefit of experience of the three simply by respecting them. So, whosoever wants to progress in life must obey, respect and worship our parents.

Young boys and girls get entangled in premarital relationship by celebrating day of love or day of lust.
When I read some article regarding bad effect of valentines’ day. I think No Hindu, No Christian, No Muslim, No Sikh parents wants his or her child to be spineless due to premarital relationship. No parents wants his or her child to disobey his or her and violate social norms and succumb to a profligate lifestyle, becomes mean by leading a selfish life, moan and groan in the old age. If the children respect their parents, they will receive auspicious blessings from their hearts which will save these future leaders of the nation from the evils of lust day.

The study and survey of the children and youth of 14th developed and developing countries conducted by MTVN international has revealed that Indian children and youth are the happiest and the most affectionate among all.

The report published in London and New York says that the main reason behind this is the family affection and devotion to family in Indians. The Indian youths said that their parents have played a vital role in making their lives happy and solving their problems. Parents nourish their children by all means in India and the parents are nourished by our Indian culture. All we want to be great in life and the ways to become great are also easy.

According to a survey of ‘Commerce and Industry Board’ (Assocham)
During the week associated with Valentine’s Day flowers, chocolates etc. The sale of various gifts is estimated to reach around Rs 22,000 crore. Was there. Valentine’s Day is the day to promote market and animal sexual desire. Selfish elements by encouraging it, the child and the younger generation are being pushed to the devastation. In addition to full, chocolate and gifts, foreign companies making medicines for contraceptive devices and pharmaceuticals, pornography, Viagra and sexually transmitted diseases such as Drugs and Diseases, – We are spending billions of rupees, whose victims are getting people all over the world. Through valentine day or lust day.

In the guise of Valentine’s Day, the business of cheating workers is also very strong. Statistics of the London Police (UK) ‘National Frog Intelligence Bureau’ show that the British public lost their smugglers in the name of about 34 million pounds of love. This figure is 33% and it has increased. More than half of the victims of this romance scandal have had serious emotional impact on physical and financial skills.

Many countries of the world have taken hard steps to protect their young generation from the mess of Lust Day or Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day was banned in the Belgorod State of Malaysia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Russia in the last few years.

Diane Bryce, Director of Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast, California (USA) has been witnessing a trend for the last 23 years, in which he states that “Valentine’s Day” marks the beginning of the most suicidal killings.

I’m very happy to listen that few states of India can celebrate real love day as a worship of parents on February 14. This is announced by the government of different states like Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Assam, and many more.
I extend my heartiest thanks to these government.

सोकर स्वयं गीले में,
सुलाया तुझको सुखे में।
माँ की अमीमय आँखों को,
भूलकर भी गीला ना करना।।
माँ की ममता का
पिता की क्षमता का
अंदाजा लगाना असंभव है
And thank you so much Prerna Sharan and Priyanshi Dubey for helping me to publishing this post.
By the way, Heartiest Greetings on the occassion of BasantPanchami. May our lives Shine With The Light Of Knowledge and Blessings Of Maa Saraswati.


I am Ashish Kumar. I am known as Shanky. I was born and brought up in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. I have studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have written 10 books. I have come to know so much of my life that life makes me cry as much as death. Have you heard that this world laughs when no one has anything, if someone has everything, this world is longing for what I have, this world. Whatever I am, I belonged to my beloved Mahadev. What should I say about myself? Gradually you will know everything.

93 thoughts on “Divine Love…….!!!!!

  1. Yes. I agree. Valentine’s day or week should be the celebration of love and respect, love of parents, friends and many others.
    Great post. 😊

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  2. It’s a bitter truth of Valentine day. Shank tmne jis trah se words ko arrange kiya h wo sach mei is post mei jaan dal di h. Innocenti ki report ko tmne explain kr diya. Shank I’m proud of dear. And happy saraswati puja😊

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  3. Agree with this completely.
    Nowadays youngsters have overhyped the love & valentine’s week.
    It’s such a good idea to celebrate 14th feb as parents worship day ♥️😊

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  4. Completely agreed with each & every line #most valuable post #
    Lead a healthy, happy and honourable life, a life of self-control and virtues. Do not get overwhelmed by the attack of passions and carnal desires.✌️✌️💯💯💯💯💯
    Great post _The celebration of Valentines’ day /week, which promotes nothing but passion, lust and promiscuity. In the future, they will breed irritability, emptiness, depression, frustration, premature old age and death. 👍👍👍
    Thanks for sharing this .

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  5. प्रेम —-जिसपर संसार टिका है। प्रत्येक जीव जंतु प्रेम करते हैं। प्रेम कहीं से भी बुरा नहीं मगर आज प्रेम की परिभाषा बदल गया है। ये दुनियाँ वहीं जा रही है जिसे सोचने मात्र से रूह काँप जाती है। सच प्रेम में ईश्वर का वास होता है फिर उसे छुपकर क्यों करना। वेलेन्टाईन के प्रेम को आज के युवा पीढ़ी मजाक बनाकर रख दिया है।
    परिणाम अगला पीढ़ी को भुगतना पड़ेगा। आज के प्रेमी कल के माँ बाप बनेंगे ।तब ये समाज कैसा बनेगा।
    हृदय को छू लेनेवाली आपने लेख लिखा है और सच्चाई भी। बहुत ही सुंदर।।👌👌

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    1. “वेलेन्टाईन के प्रेम को आज के युवा पीढ़ी मजाक बनाकर रख दिया है। परिणाम अगला पीढ़ी को भुगतना पड़ेगा। आज के प्रेमी कल के माँ बाप बनेंगे।”
      ये कटु सत्य कह दिया आपने। प्रेम जिस्म से नहीं रूह से होनी चाहिए। सर अापकी प्रशंसा से मैं स्वयं को गौरवान्वित महसूस करता हूं। आपको पसंद आ गया यह बहुत खुशी कि बात है।🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊

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      1. मैं बड़ाई नहीं कर रहा।आपने इतने सारे डाटा को एकत्रित कर इस लेख को सजाया है काबिलेतारीफ है।आपका उद्देश्य बिल्कुल स्पष्ट है।👌👌

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  6. You are right Shanky..these are the bad effects of blindly following one’s desires mindlessly. One should look for divine love in each other beyond the body and above all should never hurt our parents for someone. Very thoughtful article about Valentine’s day…

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  7. Aisa koi insan ni hoga jo tm hare baat se disagree hoga. Tmhe words k sath khelna aata h. Tm english mei itna mind blowing post likh skte ho to hindi mei kya kroge. You are amazing shanky. Outstanding post🍫🍬🍭🌹😊

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  8. Ashish, again you are published a heart melts post. No comment dear. Just, God bless you. And maa saraswati gives you lot’s of knowledge, health and wealth.

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  9. Love is innocent, love is unconditional, love is care, love is respect and love is supreme power. Incredible post written by an incredible writer. Really it’s a divine love.

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  10. Hello Ashish. Long post. I too agree with this. All this valentine’s day is all a waste of time and one need not prove their love to their lover on this one particular day. Love should be true and pure more than being physical. And valentines day is not just for lovers. It can be a beautiful bond between parents and child, friends and family too. And the 1week before Feb 14th is just nonsensical. Teddy day, chocolate day, propose day and what not. It’s waste of time, money and energy. This is my opinion.

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  11. एक विचारणीय लेख है जब विकसित देशों ने वेलेन्टाईन को नकारा है तो फिर भारत के युवा पीढ़ी इसे क्युं स्वीकार कर रहे है। स्वयं अपने हाथों अपनी जिंदगी बर्बाद करने कि कोशिश। प्यार के नाम पर एक दुजे के कपड़े उतारे जा रहे है। तुम्हाराा ये लेख युवाओं को जागरूक करने के लिए है। हर किसी को यह पढ़कर चिंतन करना चाहिए।
    माँ सरस्वती आपको हर वो विद्या दे जो आपके पास नहीं है और जो है उस पर चमक दे जिससे आपकी दुनिया चमक उठे और एैसे हि बेहतरीन लेख सदैैैव लिखते रहे। बसंत पंचमी और सरस्वती पूजा की शुभ कामनायें!

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    1. Ma’am India k kuch state governments h joo ki official Parents worship ko support kr rhe h. Or hme apne culture pe or parents k pyr pe believe h but jb ye sb research data dhekhta hu to bhaut tklif hoti h. And ma’am aapne jo itna saara blessings diya uske liye dil se thanx h🙏😊😊😊

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  12. I completely agree. Love is so often confused with lust and the education system here is teaching “safe sex” rather than waiting and respect. Valentine’s Day should be more about respect, than passion and lust. Thank you for this post!

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  13. Love is pure , permanent and also very precious. We should show love towards the one who is always available for us , parents sacrifice their happiness for their children.

    Celebrate the pure selfless bond between children and parents on a global-level with the objective of creating a strong character and spirit of serving parents.
    Begin a social awakening in every home and every human heart by celebrating true love and true valentine in its purest form.

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  14. As we all know 14th Feb is considered as a Day Of Love Globally, but in past few decades it had transformed into the Day Of Lust under the disguise of so called Valentine’s Day. The youth were strayed away from the path of Love and were eventually falling prey to the unnatural Passion, Lust. The youth completely forgot the meaning of Love and had mistaken Lust or the physical attraction towards opposite sex for Love. This is also evident from the exponential rise in Teenage Pregnancy Rates.

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  15. Ashish tumne bahut achha likha hai aur khas kar ke American report aur mane khud is tarah ki valentine manane walo ki durdasha India ke chote se town me dekhi hai . Kalidas ke Abhigyan shakuntalam me isaka sabse satik udaharan hai.

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    1. Ma’am mai to Indian k old age home k statical data dena chahta tha but proper source ni mila mujhe but jb ye sb Innocenti report dhekhta hu to dil bhaut rota h. Hm lust ko love ka naam de true love (parents love) ko nazar andaaz krte h. Lekin thora khushi v hota h ki kuch States Govt. Parents k respect k liye kuch kr rhi h. Waise ma’am aapne jo “Kalidas ke Abhigyan shakuntalam” k baare mei bola usee detail mei bataa skte h aap😊

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  16. I believe everyday is Valentine’s day. We should show love and kindness to all around us, not just in a particular day set aside by the world but everyday of our lives. That’s what Valentine means to me. And yes, you really hit the nail on the head by this informative post.
    Thank you, Shanky for sharing this !

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  17. Thanks for sharing this great thought. This is what our generation need to know. A new idea and a different education about love , emotions, and care.
    I completely agree and with each n every saying.
    Keep sharing 👏

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  18. You are definitely highlighting an extremely important issue here. We face it rampantly here in the Amazon Jungle, too. Sadly, teen pregnancies and unwed mothers are more of the norm than the exception. But we are slowly seeing societal change as we spread the love of God! 🙂 🙂 You wrote thoroughly and passionately, and I like that 🙂

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