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हमें खुशियाँ चाहिए ना…..!!!!

November 28, 2022


हमें खुशियाँ चाहिए ना
घर में, ऑफिस में, दुकान में रोड पर हर जगह
हमें खुशियाँ चाहिए ना
बच्चों से, बड़ों से, पत्नी से, पति से, माँ-बाप से हर किसी से
हमें खुशियाँ चाहिए ना
हर पल, हर क्षण हम खुशियों के पीछे भाग रहे हैं
पर क्या खुशियाँ हमें मिल रही हैं?
शायद नहीं, क्योंकि पढ़ा हैं मैंनें और अनुभव किया हैं
हर खुशी के पीछे ग़म की कतारें हीं है
कमरे क्या है बन्द दीवारे ही है
हक़ीक़त में जिसे हम अपना समझ रहे हैं
और खुशियाँ चाह रहे हैं उनसे
वहीं हमारे दुखों का कारण बन रहें हैं
वास्तविकता में जो हमारे अपने हैं
उन्हें हमने मंदिरों तक सीमित कर दिया है
उनके कहे वचनों (भगवद्गीता) को घर में किसी ऊँचे स्थान पर रख दिया हैं
कभी कभार तो हम भीखमंगा बन कर उनसे खुशियाँ माँगते है
पर दरसल वह खुशियाँ हमारे दुखों का कारण बनती है
राम जी तो अपना सर्वस्व न्यौछावर करने को तैयार है
लेकिन हमारी हालत कुछ ऐसी है
जैसे सुनार की दुकान पर जाकर कोई चप्पल माँगता हो



I am Ashish Kumar. I am known as Shanky. I was born and brought up in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. I have studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have written 10 books. I have come to know so much of my life that life makes me cry as much as death. Have you heard that this world laughs when no one has anything, if someone has everything, this world is longing for what I have, this world. Whatever I am, I belonged to my beloved Mahadev. What should I say about myself? Gradually you will know everything.

21 thoughts on “हमें खुशियाँ चाहिए ना…..!!!!

  1. This is so wonderful, Ashish. Ab main sach me tumse milna chahti hun dher saare chocolates ke saath. Very beautiful thoughts. 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

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  2. I am very happy in my life for self … but yes I have scars both physical and emotional that cut deeply

    But life is balance of good and bad … is ok if have emotional scars – battle wounds of life lol 😉

    Is not perfect but that’s ok – I cherish what can while can

    Doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy

    But one needs to truly understand life and how it changes and punches sometimes

    Is all matter of perspective and the environment are in.

    You can be happy and still have pain… that’s ok… is life … life has pain.

    We are all inflicted with some kind of sadness or pain

    Is ok – life is like that – you just appreciate life for what is. Be happy in simple moments and it will get better

    The bad, sad or painful moments – only make you appreciate the happiness of life when you have it.

    With my breast cancer scars I kind feel like they are my battle scars … they are kinda – I battled cancer so… while when I look in mirror they are kinda severe? And those memories flood back …. it still looks good – just to me they are severe to see – they are purple and large across my chest so … was pain in that and is emotional to me … but proud of my battle scars because I am alive – they save my life so I am thankful ❤️

    At the same time I have pain from that, I also feel happiness for surviving – and then that makes the scars also beautiful so 🤷‍♀️

    I just tease and tell everyone I am bad ass lol … am not really – but I am strong enough to survive so far 😊❤️

    I had to release my fears and let life do as my fate was … it was not a control that I had

    And I kinda feel like “life’s emotional scars” are same … they cut deep but are battle wounds of life

    You make it though – and you know the saying? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

    Is also environment and strength within self

    People are very influenced by social media and things – I really think that’s a huge problem for mental health of people in todays world – there is a lot of hate and negativity in areas

    You have to know what to surround self with. And be strong enough for own self

    Happiness is matter of perspective and surroundings

    As well as what your definition of happiness is? We all have different definitions too lol

    You build the happiness you want

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