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June 25, 2022



हम सभी को यह लगता है की “मोक्ष” मृत्यु के बाद ही होता है,
पर मेरी नज़रों में “मोक्ष” तो जीते जी ही हो सकता है,
शायद “मोक्ष” वह स्थिति है
जिसमें कोई भी खुशियाँ हमें खुश कर नहीं सकती है
और कोई भी ग़म हमें शोक में डुबो नहीं सकता है
बस हर पल आनंद ही आनंद
हर क्षण उसी एक की ही अनुभूति होना ही “मोक्ष” है,
“मोक्ष” एक ज्ञान है,
जिस शरीर को हम अपना समझते है क्या वह सदा टिक सकता है…?
बस एक झटके में मिट्टी में मिल जाएगा, आग में राख हो जाएगा,
इसलिए शरीर के मरने से पहले अपने अहम को मार देना चाहिए,
अपने अहंकार को राख कर देना चाहिए
बस यही “मोक्ष” है मेरी नज़रों में

आपकी नज़रों में क्या है “मोक्ष” ?

Written by:- Ashish Kumar


I am Ashish Kumar. I am known as Shanky. I was born and brought up in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. I have studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have written 10 books. I have come to know so much of my life that life makes me cry as much as death. Have you heard that this world laughs when no one has anything, if someone has everything, this world is longing for what I have, this world. Whatever I am, I belonged to my beloved Mahadev. What should I say about myself? Gradually you will know everything.

23 thoughts on “मोक्ष……!!!!

  1. Very nice post Ashish
    For me Moksh is Peace… Having peace within yourself that’s the only thing I can connect with eternity as salvation 😊🙏

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  2. ज़िंदगी और मृत्युं को समझ कर हीं इतनी गहरी बातें लिखी जा सकती हैं। बधाई इस सुंदर कृति के लिए।

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  3. शायद “मोक्ष” वह स्थिति है
    जिसमें कोई भी खुशियाँ हमें खुश कर नहीं सकती है
    और कोई भी ग़म हमें शोक में डुबो नहीं सकता है।

    अगर ऐसा हो जाए फिर मोक्ष सच में यहीं है।

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  4. Well, I am catholic so salvation is deliverance from sins and consequences by saying sorry and few prayers 🤷‍♀️

    Being blessed by priest? Last rites? Before death… So you may enter heaven?

    Or if not in death terms … Salvation would mean being saved from something. “Protected”

    Ego… hmm 🤔 well sometimes ego is a persons character??

    I can handle ego – but as long as isn’t asshole.

    Trump for example – huge ego … 🤨 that is his character 🤨 he is asshole.
    (Sorry about that, we will try to pick better hopefully!! 🙏)

    Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do with that.

    He probably sold his soul anyway.

    Evil does exist.

    But yes is best to have no ego and to be humble. ❤️😘

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      1. Yes that is true.

        I also always think about what made someone be who they are??

        What were their experiences that lead them to the path they on?

        I am curious with how people become who they are? What shapes them?

        Also life is always learning!!

        But yes, absolutely best to be “without ego”.

        It’s just a world that has a lot of egos though! 🤷‍♀️

        Thanks for always letting me share thoughts and discuss ❤️❤️

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