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कोरोना संक्रमण…….!!!!

June 25, 2020
ये जो फैली है हवा में जहर
खत्म हो ही जाएगा
एक-न-एक दिन
लेकिन मन में जो फैली है जहर
हम सबके
वो कब खत्म होगा?

Published by Anonymous on behalf of Shanky_Salty
Modified by:- A Great Writer Ziddy Nidhi


I am Ashish Kumar. I am known as Shanky. I was born and brought up in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. I have studied Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have written 6 books. I have come to know so much of my life that life makes me cry as much as death. Have you heard that this world laughs when no one has anything, if someone has everything, this world is longing for what I have, this world. Whatever I am, I belonged to my beloved Mahadev. What should I say about myself? Gradually you will know everything.

37 thoughts on “कोरोना संक्रमण…….!!!!

  1. The virus is going to change our lives completely. It will bring personal problems that were hidden. But if we are not able to rectify, life will be more difficult to lead. I really liked your poem.

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  2. जी इस बीमारी से तो कैसे बच भी जाए लेकिन ये जो मन का जहर है उससे बच पाना इतना आसान तो नहीं है…
    क्योंकि एक बार जब मन में कड़वाहट घुल जाती है तो उसे मिटा पाना आसान नहीं होता।
    इस सब बातों से हमें संभल कर रहना चाहिए 😉
    वैसे आपने बहुत शानदार लेखन की प्रस्तुति की है। 😍👌

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  3. जहर ही जहर घुले
    हवाओं में,विचारों में,
    प्रकृति हवा सुधार देगी,
    विचार का शुद्धिकरण तो हमें ही करना होगा।

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