Dear Sonalii…….!!!!

January 8, 2018
Dear Sonaliii,

I Love You

I cannot say its enough but I do. We are not agree on lot of stuff but one thing we do, is that we couldn’t live without caring each other.

You know something more about me on one else does, and known me better than I probably do.

I trust you the way I trust no one else and no time OR distance could ruin the bond we have.

I love your fights & dreams.

I’m glad, having you with me the whole way.

You are an amazing girl who never gives up no matter what happens.

A smart, beautiful, outstanding.

You are a Best Friend For Life.

You always make my day, and I love talking to you.

You put a smile to my face and you shine with laughter and courage.

Even though some may think of you different, you can’t be judged.

Don’t let anyone let you down or put you in a bad mood.

Sonaaaaliii your the best girl or a friend could ever have. And I want you to know that.

A little small in height

But big from heart

She call me best friend

Or Best-M-Best Friend

Talented her mind is

Terrific her heart

Yet it’s a proven fact

She is a Tape recorder

She is a Selfie Girl

An Artist

But she never behave like

A normal human being

Or a normal Girl

A girl who is sweeeeeteeest of all

Your smile is million Dollar

You are best without any doubt

You are a rain of my happiness

Umbrella of my sadness

You are such an amazing friend

My life is just so much brighter

because I have you

I pray that nothing ever changes between us

Unless it’s for the better

I Love You Dear

Happy birthday Sonaaali


36 thoughts on “Dear Sonalii…….!!!!

  1. my heart melts just reading this splendid letter. A beautiful poem for a beautiful little girl. It seems like feelings of love. Ashish ji you are an amazing writer. Happy birthday sonali🎂

    Liked by 5 people

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