Peoples’ Behavior….!!!!

November 14, 2018

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41 thoughts on “Peoples’ Behavior….!!!!

        1. Cent% aap believe kr skte hai mujh pe….mainee aapko yaad krr k Deepawali pe mail v kiyaa thaa apnee best writer’s ko yaad kr k………OR rahii baat sochne smjhne kii to maai sirf sb kutch dil pe chorr detaa hu😛😛😛

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                    1. Sorry Anamika mainee aapkee sitee pee jaa k Contact form ko fill krr k mail kiyaa tha kyuki mere pass aaplogo ka koi mail id yaa contact details ni hai. So, mai phir se resend ni kr skta but aap itnaa tnsn naa loo…….wordpress mei technical issues k chlte mere sath aiaa bhaut hota h…….but thanx Anamika itnaa care & response k liye🙏🙏😊😊

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