Teacher’s Day……!!!!!

September 5, 2018

Dear Teacher’s

To the world you may be a teacher. But to your student you are the hero.
I may not be perfect, but you are the perfect guide for me to have bright future.
I know I’ve not been the same you have expected from me.
I’ve not shown you the results what you wanted from me putting in your efforts. But one thing I bet you’ll be proud of me one day that I was your student.
To My Beloved Teacher, who has inspired many students like me. On this wonderful day I take opportunity to thank you for a playing a significant role in my life and being a major reason for who I’m today I’ll definitely “Make You Feel Proud One Day”. My warmth and lovely wishes to you.
Thank you for making me realize that its not how we’re told as we grow up For shattering the myths in my mind. About people about society Before it was too late For putting me in all good and bad situations Grinding me to evolve and for making me fall again and again So that I can get up on my own. I hope you’ll start appreciating me soon Don’t you think I’ve scored good in your exams? But above all thank you for making me strong you’ll always be my favorite teacher.

Thank you so for your unbeatable support🙏

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43 thoughts on “Teacher’s Day……!!!!!

  1. I agree, teachers shape not only an individual’s future but, character too. Good teachers are truly unforgettable people. I recently saw a picture in a newspaper of my Geography teacher. I recognised him and the intervening 45 years evaporated in memory. Chris T.

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  2. My mom has been a teacher in college and schools the respect and awe they get from their students is unbelievable at every age and I tried my hand on teaching it was not my ground and the love both ways when that teacher see u on your feet riding in life in success she won

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