रात बहुत लम्बी है यारा…..!!!!

August 27, 2018

तुम आओ इन नैनन में
तुम्हरा ख़्वाब ही सहारा है
रात बहुत लम्बी है यारा..

किसका दिल नहीं पुकार उठता है जब याद आती है।

#yqdidi #yqbaba
#challenge #shankysalty #YourQuoteAndMine
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26 thoughts on “रात बहुत लम्बी है यारा…..!!!!

  1. Morning!!:D
    How is your condition?Can you something to eat or drink?
    Today,how weather in your place?:D

    Which part of your body did you surgery?( in the hospital,don’ t you?)
    What kind of tranquillizer(analgesic) do you use(in your place)?
    Can you have a Good sleep? 😀

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    1. Very Good Morning Dear😊
      I’m totally fit & fine. Here is very rainy weather.
      In my body head & neck reconstruction surgery was done. Also my left leg fibula & right leg thigh muscles was used in surgery. More than 9hours in operation threater and 4days in ventilator. But with right now I’m fine.

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