Thank You Doctor!!!

July 1, 2018

As per a study by World Health Organization, India has seven doctors per 10,000 people. And it’ll need 2.07 million more doctors by 2030.
So take this day and thank your family doctor or any doctor you know for the matter.

For saving my life….
With your efforts I was able to come out from my Neurofibroma & many more disease that you know.
A bleeding from my mouth which was killing me inside which had developed a fear inside me.
Every day I was suffering from it inside yet try to be happy outside. Even the depression was about to cause me. But with your willingness and trust I got rid of it…
Today is an first anniversary of my 6th surgery. Thank you for supporting me in Recovery room & I.C.U.

Now, I’m ready for my 8th surgery.
Thank you Dr Aditya Aggrawal & your superb team.

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