मसहूर होती जिंदगी!!!


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June 16, 2018

This is so exciting for me! It is such a huge goal for me to reach – this is a goal.

Thank you so much to all of my followers & visitors for making this journey a positive and enlightening experience for me, but also for believing in me and my writing. I literally could not have done this without you and I’m so proud of the goals I have achieved so far.

I will continue to write on this blog for as long as I want to, which will be a very long time if things keep going this well for me, starting this blog is the best thing I have ever done. I have gained confidence in my writing and myself making me a lot happier with who I’m and you all helped with that. Thank you.

Now to set another goal. 200 wordpress followers. Let’s hope it happens. 🙂


June 1, 2018

Thank you very much for all your continued support and helping us to reach upto 500 likes on WordPress. We sincerely appreciate all of our visitors and followers make efforts to give back to those who have helped us along the way.

One of the great things about being recognized is that you receive this feedback from people. It is easy to see how sincere people are. They’re giving sincere appreciation. And it’s not that easy to express.

I wanted personally to let you know how gratifying it was to receive your support and encouragement.

I was captivated when I received your compliment also your valuable suggestion and was manifested pleasure reading your beautiful words. Thank you.

Looking at how obliged and indebted I am feeling towards you right now, I have realized that kindness is actually one of the greatest weapons of any person can ever have. Thank you.

Thank you very much for telling me how much you have enjoyed reading my column.