Without Words…….

May 9, 2018

Words have built and destroyed things. Use #WithoutWords and tell us what would the world be like if there were no words at all?

Thanks Poonam Aditya for suggesting this challenge!

#shankysalty #yqhindi #parentslove

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15 thoughts on “Without Words…….

  1. Without words…. unimaginable. A dull world. See, how would i comment on your post if there were’nt words?How would one express, talk, give voice to one’s emotions? Words are what we are made up of! Words can be dangerous too . It all depends on how one uses it .

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  2. A world without a words be like in clock a second and minutes pin move constantly without an counting………..In this time we expect to meet someone but we never meet a single time.

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